Inlaid Art Rugs

Custom Inlaid carpet is created by skillfully blending two or more pieces of carpet together, of unlimited colors, textures and sizes, into a desired pattern. This technique transforms mere carpet into a powerful and vibrant design statement.

Hand Carved Carpet

It is the most dramatic and unique application of carpet available. It is capturing the attention of everyone involved in the design of residential and commercial interiors. Its presence in a stunning home or sophisticated office takes the interior beyond the ordinary and giving it a truly elegant touch.

Fabric Samples

Fabric Samples

Fabric Edges/Art

Fabric left over from upholstery work or draperies can be applied to the edge of a rug up to 9 inches wide to enhance your room. Canvas edges are popular on sisals as well as animal prints. Joe Rugz (Exquisite) stocks 3 colors of cotton, tan, black and navy along with 2 animal prints.

Remember, we can ship your rug to you!

Payment Policy:

At the time you accept and sign the final drawing, a 50 percent down payment is required to start your order. The balance is due upon delivery. We do not accept major credit cards. Company checks and personal checks accepted.